Monday, March 31, 2014 Might Interest Brands as Vidicom Thinks About the Possibility of Branded Video Content on the New App

The Internet has become so dominant in today’s society that television tries replicate it by showing hashtags on your TV screen. However, now the Internet is trying to be more like TV with launch of the new app brings web videos into a more TV like environment by providing something like a channel guide. “Guest content curators” including hip hop artist Nas, Scandal actress Darby Stanchfield, Iron Chef Cat Cora, and fashionista Nasty Gal, will help with the launch by “spinning” videos Tuesday night. Christy Ferer thinks that if becomes a huge hit, brands should incorporate branded video content on the app. As a result, brands will reap many benefits such as increase consumer engagement, and spread brand awareness.

Monday, March 24, 2014

YouTube for Kids Will Help Brands Reach A New Demographic

\With over 6 billion hours of video watched each month, Christy Ferer - Vidicom CEO - thinks that YouTube is an extremely powerful platform for video consumption and sharing.  It was reported that YouTube is developing a new website for kids that will feature programming for children under the age of 10. As a result, a safe browsing experience for kids would be guaranteed with the new kid-friendly YouTube. The Vidicom team thinks this is an exciting opportunity for brands to reach a completely new and younger demographic.  Do you think the YouTube for kids will get as many views as the original website?  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Brands Should Consider Mobile Advertising

Many brands have already starting mobile advertising. A new report by research firm, eMarketer predicts worldwide mobile ad spending to reach $31.45 billion this year! That would be a 75% increase from 2013! Companies that will most likely lead the trend include Google with 46.8 percent of net mobile ad revenue worldwide as well as Facebook with 21.8%. Christy Ferer and the Vidicom team think it would be a very wise decision for brands to join the trend in mobile advertising as it offers great benefits. What do you think of mobile ads?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Christy Ferer About Paper Teaming Up With Ted

Christy Ferer, Vidicom’s CEO, always stays up to date with what's happening in the social media world. Facebook and TED announced a content collaboration for Paper, the companys' stand alone news reader and publishing app. TED material exclusively will be featured in the ideas section of Paper for the week. Paper will feature content from TED attendees, including blog posts and talk videos from the conference. This is the first time Paper has teamed up with an outside group for content like this, or featured the same topic more than once in its ideas section.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vidicom CEO on How Facebook's New Look for Pages Will Help Build Brands

Something new is always happening in the social media world and Christy Ferer, Vidicom’s CEO, loves being one of the first to know. Facebook announced earlier this week a new look for Pages. The new design still has two columns, but now the right column is the Page’s timeline and the left contains information about the brand of corporation. Also, the “Invite Your Friends” section has moved to the left side of the screen and the text box for posting moved to the right side. She thinks brand will benefit from the new metrics section on the Page that includes data about ads, Likes and post reach. 


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Christy Ferer Shares Modern Marketing Tips for Brands

Modern marketing consists of a lot of content as well as being able to follow every step of the buyer’s journey and analyze those steps to create a better and more in-tune marketing plan. Here are three steps towards modern marketing:
1.     Commit to your content. The quality of your content is crucial.  Christy Ferer thinks content that help customers solve a problem will maintain and increase consumer engagement.
2.     Get out of the rut: Modern marketing takes effort (time and money) but is well worth it. Brands should consider exploring the options of working with an end-to-end provider that can take them to the next level.
3.     Keep up with analytics: It is important to keep track of the data collected from your website, email campaigns, and sales numbers in order to improve your marketing campaign.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Content Marketing is Vital For Brands, Vidicom Thinks it Helps Reach Modern Consumers

The transition from traditional advertising methods to content marketing is becoming increasingly popular as Vidicom’s CEO, Christy Ferer, thinks it is helping brands reach modern consumers. Content marketing has helped leading brands such as Coca-Cola and Red Bull make it to the top. Coca-cola has managed to reach older consumers through story telling as well as teens through experimental microsites with it’s Content 2020 approach. Red Bull has been able to reach millions of consumers by launching a magazine.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Facebook Buying a Drone Company Will Benefit Brands

Keeping up with social media is something Christy Ferer loves to do. It was recently reported that Facebook is considering buying a drone company in order to bring Internet access to people all over the world who don’t already have it. Facebook is looking to spend $60 million on Titan Aerospace, which makes huge unmanned aerial vehicles. Zuckerburg said in an interview with CNN last year that Facebook had a “rough plan for what we think we’re going to need to do” in order to bring 5 billion more people online.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Carplay Will be a Huge Hit for Apple

Apple recently announced a new iPhone-to-automobile integration system called CarPlay. By syncing your iPhone with your car, Carplay lets you take phone calls, send texts and emails, and play music while driving. Siri is used to control native iPhone apps and a few third party apps. Christy Ferer thinks it is interesting to note that CarPlay wont work with Google Maps. It appears that Apple is very careful about their competitors when it comes to building their brand. The Vidicom teams thinks this new system will be a huge hit for Apple as more people will want an iPhone in order to have CarPlay. What are your thoughts?