Monday, April 29, 2013

Olympic-Caliber with Gabby Douglas As She Visits Vidicom's Studios

You have to check out how we got into shape with Olympic Gold-medalist Gabby Douglas.  Both on the floor, and off she's got a winner's attitude, and the sweetest heart here on VideoPump.
Check out this video of Vidicom with our national champion, talking about her health tips with our very own Raina Seitel!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vidicom Presents: A Life Reimagined with Jane Pauley

Vidicom, a company founded by Christy Ferer, teamed up with the AARP and former Today Show icon Jane Pauley to produce a webcast discussing their “Life Reimagined Today” initiative, a segment on the Today Show which empowers Boomers to pursue their dreams as they age. Using our award winning digital tactic called InteracTV, we continued the content of the morning show to further illustrate the stories of these impressive people. Vidicom created digital conversations between Jane Pauley and viewers using Skype to discuss their progress towards pursuing their passions.