Friday, February 20, 2015

Vidicom's Past SMT: Purell!

With almost all of my employees commuting by train or subway,we use Purell year round at my offices at Vidicom.  

But, when I heard that this year's flu shot is only 25% effective, I made sure we really stocked up for the winter. We have Purell everywhere, and believe me, it is used!   It is really such a simple first line of defense against this season's flu bugs and viruses.    It works, and, personally, I love the fragrance!

Hear more from the experts at the company that make Purell:

Vidicom's past SMT: Thalia!

When I hear the name "Thalia", I think of the beautiful Latin Grammy Award winning singer,  global philantropist and talented actress. But, as if that weren't enough, I just discovered her latest triumph! The Thalia Sodi collection of clothing, shoes and accessories perfectly matches the "morning to night" needs of today's woman in a style that truly reflects Thalia's extraordinary passion and charisma.   Just beautiful!    

Check it out at 

Watch Thalia discuss the collection here:

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Vidicom Talks: Boost Your Brands Using Social Media

Christy Ferer is a big fan of social media and boosting our brands using our various platforms.  We recently came across this article that shows some, what I like to call "Life-hacks" or small ways to boost your performance on these sites.  Below are a couple ways to boost your brand using some simple strategies!

1.  Sell products on Twitter, Pintrest and Facebook.
2.  Live stream videos.
3.  Highlight your reviews.
4.  Ask your fans and followers to help!
5.  Monitor trending hash-tags.